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Movie Review Essay

Movie reviews are a source of information which is gathered using several steps. The steps provide the guide of writing a movie review. The writer should visit public movie library and buy or rent a movie that suits the assignment given by the instructor. The theme of the movie and that of the movie reviews should match. The selection of a movie is important since the movie will provide the relevant information. The write should watch the movie several times. In watching in the second and the subsequent times the writer should make stops and replays to take some notes. While watching the writer should take notes about the movie so as to note every detail in the movie. The writer is expected to read the sleeve or the box of the movie to obtain some information like the names of the actors. The writer should make have an average length of a movie review. Movie review requires experience so that the movie reviewer can write his opinion while writing a critique.

The personal opinion about the film should be supported with an explanation. The writer of movie reviews should consider the audience of the review so that it can have a positive impact on the targeted audience. While considering the audience the reviewer will be able to know the most appropriate method of attracting the attention of the audience. The writer of movie reviews should be able to connect the theme of the movie review with the audience. After taking into consideration the audience the writer of movie reviews should write the outline.

In writing the outline of the movie reviews the writer should be creative to come with his own words that provide general information about the movie review. The outline of movie reviews will help the reader to get some light about the content movie review. The writer should avoid using the gathered information in writing the outline since this will just be repetition. When writing the movie reviews it is important to mention all the actors in the movie and if possible the achievements in the previous movies. The details of the film structure should be included in the review. After collecting all the information necessary the writer then may start writing the draft. When writing the draft of movie reviews the writer should start with the likes and the dislikes of the movie. This will help know whether the writer enjoyed the movie and the type of information the writer is to give. If he did not like the movie the writer may write biased information. The writer should in general like the movie to give allowable information. The writer should also write how he could change the pace, character direction and any other factor he thinks it is not well used. The writer should now write a movie review.

The movie reviews should have a format. The first page should have the film name the names of the main actors and the setting of the movie. On the second page the writer should write a brief explanation of the plot of the movie. The plot should show the occurrence of activities from the beginning to the end. After the summary the writer should describe what he liked in the movie and what he did not like about the movie. The writer should then give his opinion without diverting from the main theme of the movie. When writing his own opinion the writer should give his critique in comparison to other movies. The writer can then comment on the quality of the movie. After completing the first draft give somebody to proof read it and detects errors. The writer should then rewrite the movie review while correcting the errors made in the first draft and limit the words within the given range. Academic movie reviews should be written without subjectivity to avoid conflicts with the actors of the movie. When writing movie reviews the writer should focus on the theme presented and be informative in the essay. In referencing a quote from the movie an in-text quotation is placed after the quote from the movie.


If you have a passion for the English language, you may think that you will be good at teaching it. However, you should know which countries are focusing on students compulsorily learning English when you are applying for TEFL jobs. Slovakia has become the 14th country in the European Union (EU) to make English language instruction compulsory. This change happened after the parliament there overrode a presidential veto of the amendment in February 2011 and approved new rules which will come in effect from March 1 this year. Remember that you are likely to need a EU passport for teaching there, however.

Here are some more tips for teaching English as a foreign language-

1. When you help your students practice their conversational skills, be prepared. Choose a topic that will be of interest to them. Trigger a conversation using a newspaper article, for instance.

2. Besides teaching your students grammar, you should work on increasing their vocabulary. Other aspects which need attention are pronunciation, reading, and writing skills.

3. A certificate will be of help when you apply for TEFL jobs. Positions abroad are often competitive, so a certificate will demonstrate that you are serious about teaching.

4. If you know the language of the country you are planning to teach in, it can be an advantage. Your students can find it easy to explain any difficulties they are having in learning English.

5. Even if you are not a native English speaker, fluency in the language can ensure you are well regarded as a teacher. In fact, you may be more sensitive to the hurdles your students are facing while learning English.

6. Students should be able to understand the grammatical structures you teach, relate them to their existing knowledge of grammar, and apply these in contexts beyond the classroom.

7. Draw up a lesson plan outlining the skills you intent to impart, and communicate it to students. When they know the goal of the class, they will be more motivated.

8. Rather than focusing on making the students academically comfortable with the language, you may wish to teach them conversational skills first. These could prove more useful to them on an everyday basis.

TEFL jobs are available all over the world, as more and more people want to learn English. Monitor reputed job sites for postings regarding openings. One such specialist employment site is TEFLjobsoverseas.com. This is a partner site of the TESall group, which has provided the teaching community employment information and resources for a decade!
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